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Unlock Your Potential: Meet Your AI Assistant for Legal Excellence

Do you wish your "preparation" for partnership was more than a handshake and a lunchtime workshop about compensation models? Did you mentorship opportunities run out when you were promoted? Are you trying to figure out how to balance your billables with business development while navigating internal politics you didn't know were there and trying to develop associates before they flee to another firm?


LexCoach AI is here to help.

LexCoach AI is more than just a GPT clone. It's my clone, powered by AI.


My perspective, my experience, my coaching frameworks and programs.

"So cool. ... I really threw some tough questions at it, and it provided clear and helpful responses. ... It's a very helpful tool."

- LexCoach AI user

LexCoach AI is ready to coach and advise you on topics including:

  • How to develop trust with colleagues and clients in order strengthen relationships and defuse tension.

  • How to resolve conflict.

  • How to delegate, supervise, and give feedback on work (without micromanaging!)

  • How to get a handle on your time so your days stop feeling out of control

  • How to think strategically about how to grow your practice

Clicking New Chat the first time will prompt you to set a password. After that, you'll be able to review past chats in your personal Archive.

Disclaimer: LexCoach AI is an artificially intelligent model and not a real person. AI models occasionally produce false or misleading information. BKG Leadership Coaching takes no responsibility for the creations of this AI model. Please exercise due caution and seek professional advice where necessary. 

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