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Coaching? For Lawyers? Yes, and No.

Someone asked me the other day what I do. It's a little lazy to say, I'm a leadership coach for lawyers. It's a convenient shorthand, but doesn't really answer the question.

If you'd asked me in a previous life what I did, I'd tell you, when I was a military criminal defense attorney, "I defend those who defend America. When they need help, I help." That's one of my favorite ways to describe one of my favorite jobs, and it doesn't at all get at the how -- the motions writing, navigating preliminary hearings, arguing against pretrial confinement, negotiating terms of release, addressing all of the administrative and non-judicial implications of getting into trouble in the Army, talking to people about actions and character .... and all of the other things that go into being there and supporting someone who feels they don't have anyone they can turn to and put their trust in.

So now, when someone asks what I do, I tell them I help their firm solve the problem of associate turnover and start investing in their people instead of investing in replacement after replacement. I help attorneys realize they're ready to take on that new responsibility no one trained them for and then exceed their own expectations. I help firms create environments that actually reflect their values. I help lawyers learn to show up for their clients, their firms, their teams, and themselves without the mask that stifles their energy and saps their contributions. I help teams learn to collaborate and operate inclusively.

But my favorite way to talk about what I do is to share my mission. I am on a mission to humanize the practice of law for everyone who practices.

That's what I do. Give me a call. Tell me what you do, and let's change the practice of law. A Legal Leadership Strategy Session is about you, not about sales. It's an opportunity to think seriously about where you are and where you want to be; where your firm is and where it could be. I'll give you a few tips you can put into practice immediately that will make a difference. Schedule a chat. No sales.

Coaching? Sure, maybe. Humanizing the practice? Absolutely.



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