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Is Your Law Practice Ready for AI Coaching?

The legal landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Technological advancements and changing client expectations mean there is more to know, to do, and to plan for if you want to succeed. Blah, blah, blah. You know that. You also know I’m pretty bullish on AI. (see my article for the Professional Development Consortium from last year) I said then one of the most intriguing possibilities for using generative AI was to leverage its “ability to respond dynamically[] and uniquely to every interaction.” With the right training data, generative AI can replicate humans and human interaction in amazing ways. I suggested it could “change how a law firm … develops its attorneys and staff.”

As it turns out, we’ve gotten here faster than I thought and the revolution in capabilities is sweeping into the coaching world as well. I hope you’re ready for AI coaching.

And before anyone (ehem, all my fellow coaches) freaks out, let me be unequivocal:

Generative AI is not a replacement for human-to-human coaching. But it is becoming an amazing tool and supplement to it.

In the face of the pressure to handle increasing workloads, meeting growing client expectations, and staying ahead of the competition, lawyers can easily get overwhelmed. The absolutely booming need for lawyer well-being training and services is proof of that. AI coaching can supplement traditional modes of learning and coaching in a variety of meaningful ways, beyond reinforcing substantive skills. I’ve started testing my own coaching clone, LexCoach AI, to supplement the work I do focused on the granular skills of supervision, time management, and business development and the higher order core leadership principles of developing trust and transparency, acting with empathy, and uncovering passion.

AI coaching combines the knowledge base and expertise of traditional coaching with the power of artificial intelligence. Fed with the right information, an AI coach can expand access to support, both in time and in equity terms and provide tailored insights where and when they’re needed. LexCoachAI, for instance, is designed to cater specifically to the needs of legal professionals because it is trained using my knowledge, skills, insights, style, methodologies, and materials. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, LexCoachAI delivers tailored recommendations and actionable strategies infused with the goal and purpose of increasing the prevalence of trust, transparency, empathy, and passion in our profession.

For individuals, the benefits are pretty clear. Access, personalization, privacy, and cost savings. But for law firms, there can be significant benefits as well because increasing the quality of management and leadership at the partner and senior associate level has knock-on effects for efficiency, engagement, and well-being. And this is in addition to other AI-derived benefits through other tools.

If you’re curious (and you should be), check out LexCoach AI now. And if you’ve got questions (and you should), feel free to reach out any time. Or ask LexCoach AI.



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