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Is It Time to Change the Way You're Thinking About Legal Leadership?

Last week, I told you that I think the turnover problem in your firm isn't about finding people who are the right fit, it's about recognizing that you're driving them away. Maybe you're not hazing or harassing them, but you're not giving them a reason to stay. And that reason seldom comes down to just money. So what now?

I gave you the plan: decide, assess, plan, execute, get feedback, repeat. Step one is deciding things need to change at all. Take a look at how your firm or your team is operating and ask yourself some questions.

Is your team as productive as you need or want them to be? More importantly, are they as productive as they could be? Are they empowered to drive your business? Do they have autonomy to make useful decisions? Do they have your trust and support? How do you think they would answer? What would happen if your team felt more of your trust?

Are they healthy? I've written before about how their well-being is as much your responsibility as it is theirs. Are you supporting their well-being? Do you have any idea? Can you imagine your healthy, engaged, self-aligned team could accomplish if they weren't carrying extra stress that you could help them with?

Does your team work without conflict and drama? There is always going to be some level of friction between people -- we're people! -- but is it healthy friction? Does it challenge your team to grow or does it stifle ideas and expression? Think about the last three matters you touched. How well did your team(s) work together? Can you spot ways they grew? What could your team produce if you helped them grow on every matter you worked together?

Are your clients satisfied? Are you building client relationships that lead to expanded, repeat, or referral business, or is it possible your clients see you as a strictly transactional resource? Is that all you want to be for them? What if your client relationships gave you more opportunities to guide your clients, not just respond to them?

You've answered these questions. What do the answers tell you? How do you feel about those answers? What do you want to be different about how you show up as a leaders in your firm or about how your firm operates?

Are you ready to do something? Ok, step one: complete!

This series of articles is going to show you how to get from here to there. If you want to shortcut the process, set up a Legal Leadership Strategy Session. I'll walk you through the process and make a couple suggestions about how to get started, and we'll find out if BKG Leadership Coaching is the partner you need to walk with you on your leadership journey.



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