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The Importance of Walking Your Talk

It's been about two weeks since I've written because my family recently took a week-long vacation. It's something we hadn't done since before the pandemic started, and since my kids are getting older, we wanted to make this a trip to remember. It was their first international trip and my first to Iceland. It was great!

We all had a chance to unplug and reset, and the trip reminded me of how important it is to make sure your leadership isn't just empty platitudes about how important well-being and time off are. One of the things my current team hears most from me is that they need to take their available leave. The work will always be there, but that can't be an excuse to skip doing what's necessary to clear your mind, focus on what's important outside the office, and take on new adventures. Sending that message is important, and your team needs to hear it repeatedly. But to believe it, they need to see you living by your own rules.

If you think time away from the office is important -- and by now, you should -- you need to remember that for that message to stick, your team needs to see you living by it. Your team will not take you seriously if you tell them it's important to take time off but you never do it. The more senior you are, the more important this becomes. Those who want to emulate your success will be watching closely how you spend your time. Grinding away at the office may provide short term benefits (and may periodically be necessary because of actual client needs), but the long-term impact your your health and your firm's environment/culture may not be worth it.

One reason your associates are leaving is because your expectations are actually not healthy for them! And your firm's inability to sustain its staff is a long-term liability. (You might not be able to grow by acquisition anymore.)

So take a page from your own playbook and get away for a while. It will do you, your team, and your firm good. And if you need some help shifting your mindset to make that seem like a good idea (it is), or tools to implement it, BKG Leadership Coaching is here to help. I want to make you and your firm a success.



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