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Lawyering is hard enough.
Leading lawyers doesn't have to be.

Get rid of the confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelm that comes with taking on partnership or a new position of responsibility.

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You've put in the time, the hours, and the effort.  You've been elevated to partner.  Now it really gets hard.  

You can do the research, write the briefs, and make the phone calls.  But staying on top of all your responsibilities is a struggle.  Keeping everyone on task and responsive, keeping clients happy, mitigating conflict within your team, and finding time to take care of yourself seem like an increasingly impossible number of balls to juggle.

Email is piling up.  Your paralegal is shopping for another job.  Associates and partners aren't happy.  You haven't not worked seven days a week in months.  And now you're taking on a new set of responsibilities.

Getting a handle on all of those things leads to increased revenue, better team efficiency, reduced tension, more inclusive culture, and a healthier mindset and greater well-being.  Your success comes down to how well you manage your resources and how well you lead yourself, your teams, and your organizations. You can do it without burning down the rest of your life or becoming every overbearing partner you ever worked for.  


You need the confidence to take action and the skills to lead action.  


Commit to making a change.  

You're in the right place

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Ben talks with Steve Fretzin about why lawyers struggle to step into new leadership roles, the value of authenticity, and how small changes can generate big returns in leadership impact.

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Get Your Leadership Constellation

Your Leadership Constellation is the unique combination of skills, abilities, and mindsets you need to excel in your new role.  By systematically focusing on those areas that are most important to you and your success, you can grow as a leader and manager much faster and with less doubt, uncertainty, and stress.  Click below to get a free copy of this useful tool.


Get in touch today to learn more about BKG Leadership Coaching or connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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