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Leadership Acceleration Coaching

Imagine being the author of your professional future. Doing so means knowing yourself, offering leadership to your clients and colleagues, and contributing to the direction and growth of your firm.


To get there, nothing moves the needle like 1:1 coaching. This is a powerful tool to unlock your leadership, take bold action, and realize your highest goals. Delegation, conflict resolution, time management, goal setting, and problem solving all get easier when you have a guide and accountability partner.  You'll be a more relaxed, effective leader and your teams and clients will see the difference. Your confidence, your practice, and your opportunities will grow.


Leadership Acceleration Coaching is tailored for each client but is built on a foundation of systematic learning to ensure you have the foundational knowledge and skills, the tools to build and develop the teams you work with, and the plan to grow your practice and your book of business.

Engagement Costs:

Engagement typically last 6, 9, or 12 months, billed at $15K, $20K, or $24K, respectively.  We'll meet for regular 45- or 60-minute sessions, 2-3 times per month.


Reduced rates for non-profit, government, and solo/small-firm attorneys.  

Schedule a strategy session to discuss how raising your leadership quotient can ensure your success as you take on more responsibility.

For law firms and other legal organizations, establishing a coaching cohort is a great way to amplify the leadership impact of rising leaders and key players.

Services: Services


Sometimes you need to the confidence of having a trusted advisor and partner on your team.  Lead-on-Call is a novel way to get the confidential support you need, when you need it.  Rather than committing to regular hour-long coaching sessions, Lead-on-Call gives you access bite-sized (20-minute) coaching sessions to support you right now.  

Whether you're prepping for a tense evaluation, want to work through the 300 priorities you've got this week, or need a gameplan to referee a dispute on your team, having a 'hotline' for support can make difference between feeling uncertain and overwhelmed and addressing what's ahead with confidence.

Engagement Costs:

Lead-on-Call is offered as a 4-month coaching subscription plan for $1K/month or $3500 billed at initiation. 

Schedule an exploration call to see if Lead-on-Call is the support you need.

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Workshops and Speaking

Getting everyone on the same sheet of music makes coordinated progress toward your organizational goals more effective.  You don't have to carry the weight on your own.  Customized and engaging workshops allow you to leverage the knowledge and credibility of an external expert while staying focused on your brand, purpose, and goals.  Let me help you empower and inspire your team.

Sample Workshop Topics:

- Communicating Trust and Communicating with Trust

- Developing a Common Language

- Aligning Values to Deliver Value

Sample Speaking Themes:

- Diversity Starts with Trust

- The Ethics of Legal Leadership

- Leading From Where You Sit

Engagement Costs:

- variable depending on scope of project

For more information, download Ben's speaker one-sheet here.


Schedule a workshop and speaking consultation to discuss how I can best serve your organization.


Practice Mastery Self-Study

Step into your new role with confidence with the Practice Mastery for Law Firm Partners program. This course is specifically designed to guide new law firm partners through the complexities of leading legal teams, client management, and business development. Gain crucial skills in delegation, trust building, effective communication, and strategic planning, all crafted from real-world successes and incorporating real-world practical applications. Visit the courses page to learn more and begin your journey toward effective and inspiring law firm leadership.

Enrollment Costs:

Variable billing arrangements. See course page for more information. 

Business Meeting

Strategy Facilitation

Thinking through your organization's strategy is critical to meeting your goals, and dialing in how you lead that strategy is just as critical.  Whether you're thinking through broad organizational or cultural challenges, aligning organizational values with your practices, or looking for the 'unknown unknows,' doing so with a partner prepared to challenge you and guide the process will lead to greater success.

Engagement Costs:

- variable depending on scope of project

Schedule a strategy facilitation discussion to start shaping your organization's future.

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